Your checklist for buying paper stationery for office!

Your checklist for buying paper stationery for office!

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Office supplies are a part of your business expenses, and every month, you would need a bunch of items, depending on the kind of operation and work at hand. Typically, orders include paper stationery too, and in this post, we are offering a checklist for your help, along with a few tips that may come handy.

Things you may need

  • Printing paper. This is important for businesses that need to print documents regularly for in-house needs and mailing.
  • Photo paper/ color paper. If you are printing images and pictures for brochures, flyers and more, you would need photo paper. Color papers are usually required for booklets.
  • Paper rolls. If you are using point of sale equipment, you may need paper rolls from time to time, usually based on the number of transactions processed.
  • When you want your employees to be on schedule, planners are handy. You can go for the monthly ones or yearly designs. The latter is more like a onetime expense in the last month of the year.
  • Computer paper. For certain documents, regular A’4 size paper is not enough. If you are printing ledgers or extensive volumes of data, computer paper can be more useful.
  • Usually, notebooks are given to employees for regular use. You can find a bunch of cheaper and generic options for this.
  • In the age of emails, letters and direct mails are still relevant for certain needs and occasions. Order at least two sizes of envelopes for different needs.

Tips on shopping

When it comes to paper stationery, online stores are probably your best bet. Apart from branded products, you can also shop for generic items, which are inexpensive. Check for stationary at, and you will find many discounts. There are also additional offers and deals on bulk purchases. Certain supplies, such as paper rolls and printing paper, are usually needed on a regular basis, so you can always contact a seller and get a special rate for a wholesale order. Don’t shy away from asking questions related to available coupons and codes. If you are buying new products for the first time, place a small order, so that you can check the quality of the materials sent.

To keep a tight check on use of products at work, always maintain a detailed ledger/journal for the stationery and office stock. Start shopping right away and don’t forget to check for offers.

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