Don’t miss these tips before working with a SEO agency!

Don’t miss these tips before working with a SEO agency!

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SEO or search engine optimization is paramount for the success of your website. No matter whether it’s a blog or a business website, promoting it online is important. Yes, content is important, but marketing that content requires equal attention. While finding Houston SEO services is not hard at all, there are certain things that matter.

Insist on experience, not a cheap quote

By now, you probably know that SEO is an ongoing process. Unlike an ad campaign, you have to spend time and effort every month, and that’s surely requires a budget. However, don’t settle for a SEO company for the price alone. Experience and expertise in online marketing are aspects you cannot afford to ignore. Hire a company that has worked with websites similar as yours. Get estimates but avoid falling for the cheapest one.

Know the process

A professional SEO service will always offer a website audit, which will talk about the things that matter for your campaign. They may suggest content or page changes, as required. However, before that, they will try and understand the needs of your brand in the first place. They may have a questionnaire for you or may even insist on a personal or Skype meeting. Next, an elaborative plan will be made and share with you. This will typically include on-page SEO strategies, link building, keyword usage plan and other minute details. Once you approve, they will send a final contract with relevant terms and conditions.

Things to note

If you are new to a SEO company, don’t hire them for a year right away. However, do not expect miracles in a week either. It may take three weeks or more for the traffic to increase, provided everything is done right and ethically. Ideally, go for a three or six-month contract to evaluate the performance of the agency. Secondly, insist on getting regular reports on website performance and other analytics. This allows you to compare the work and results effectively. The third aspect that matters is the expertise of the company. If the same agency can also handle social media and paid marketing, it is an added advantage, as you can get them onboard for the entire campaign.

Finally, don’t shy away from seeking references. A SEO company that has been in the industry for a while will have enough clients, and they will always offer client references as requested. Also, do check what’s included in the price.

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