Which amongst The WordPress And The Shopify Is Best For Your Business Website?

Which amongst The WordPress And The Shopify Is Best For Your Business Website?

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Do you own a business and are looking for a website for the online sales?

Or do you want to have an online store available for you?

No matter whatever the scenario is you will need a perfect platform for the same. And there are two important platforms that you can select from.

Let us tell you that these platforms are nevertheless, the famous Shopify and WordPress.

While WordPress is mostly used by all and sundry, the Shopify is though used only by the business owners. Then why should we differentiate between the two at all?

Well, it is simply because, WordPress is also meant for the commercial purpose and rather is highly used for the same. In order to differentiate there are few important factors that we need to jot down. And depending on the same we must base our observations.

Which is the best?

Let us get through with the Shopify vs WordPressdebate considering the following important points:

  • The specialization:

As already mentioned, WordPress is available to all and sundry. But Shopify is focussed and meant for business only. And here is exactly where Shopify wins this round. It is more specialized for the consumers who are looking forward to the business.

This is one of the most important reasons why the specialization is to be considered. But still somehow there are many and that is a huge quantity of people who look forward to get their business services from WordPress. Let us understand that why.

  • The themes:

There can be no comparison to the amount of themes WordPress offers people with. Let us tell you that Shopify has a huge range of great themes as well. It can offer you 10 free and around 55 paid themes.

And all of these are highly and professionally designed. But then again the WordPress themes are vast in number compared to that of the Shopify ones. These are also more vibrant and comes with an N number of exceptional features.

Let us tell you that the themes are great in too many ways for the people to use because even the most professionally designed themes are free here.

  • The plugins and the costs:

Shopify will offer you a range of exceptional plugins for sure. But the WordPress will not only offer you a great range of Plugins, but will also make sure that these are efficient to you and extremely easy to use as well.

This is exactly what makes WordPress plugins more loved and wanted. This most definitely stands out in all the possible ways.

The price here though is a debatable topic. Shopify charges to more seemingly and has a standard rate for the services. WordPress on the other hand is relatively free and the costs change in accordance to the services it will offer you.

But somehow at the end of the day, WordPress will seem easily affordable to most of the people.

  • The responsiveness:

The responsiveness is equally important. Unfortunately, people must understand that there is not much difference that they will find here. Both of these have great responsiveness. They can work efficiently with all the devices. And this is only why the WordPress vs Shopifydebate can be considered not applicable here much.


Judging and taking all the important considerations, we can safely conclude that WordPress still stands out in some parameter making it highly recommendable for the people.

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