The Best Apps of July 2019

The Best Apps of July 2019

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Ruff is a simple note-taking application for those to whom even Simplenote seems overloaded. There are no folders or tags here - just one blank sheet for text. You can type on it whatever you want, and when the text ceases to be needed, you simply delete it and start typing again. The application has three themes and all of them look really good.

Dr. Mario world

The famous Mario has tried many professions. He was a plumber, and a carpenter, and a builder, and an artist. And in the new game, Dr. Mario World, he is about to become a doctor. He will fight viruses, bacteria, and other illnesses. In addition to a bunch of levels for playing alone, there is also a mode in which you can play with your friends.

Lego Tower

LEGO’s new tower construction game, quite similar to the Tiny Tower. Build your own skyscraper from plastic blocks that are so familiar from childhood, and then fill it with LEGO figures. The number of blocks, parts, and figures here is truly impressive, and they can also be customized. This game will be quite fascinating even to those people that haven’t played with LEGO sets in their childhood.


Have you ever had such a thing? You receive a push notification from a messenger, but do not pay attention to it. Then open the application, and your interlocutor has already deleted everything that they’ve sent to you. And now you are wondering what was texted to you. WAMR will save you from such situations the application will scrupulously record all the push notifications you receive from any messengers. You will then be able to check them out all at once

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a new adventure game in the Hack-n-Slash genre from the notorious Ubisoft studio. You can control the process in it with one hand so that the battle does not stop, even if you hold on to the handrail in the minibus.

Create your character, equip them with a variety of weapons and artifacts and go into battle against a horde of bad fantasy guys who can be stabbed and slashed into pieces. Here you will be able to find some familiar RPG systems, and battles with other players in PvP, and more than a hundred different levels. And the reward for you, as the name implies, will be a truly epic loot.


This is a very interesting music player that is suitable for athletes. 321FIT resembles a regular music player, there are thousands of players like that on Google Play. But instead of playlists, this player has in-built types of training. The principle is as follows: you tell the player which music you find to be more suitable to this or that exercise, and then just click on the corresponding button.

Agadmator Chess Clock

This application will be quite useful to avid chess players. Put your smartphone next to the board and launch the Agadmator Chess Clock. The application will split the screen of the smartphone in two and create timers for each of the players to measure the time. You can control the app by just by touching the screen. The time intervals are easily customizable, so you can play blitz, full games, or even come up with your own rules.

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